Although today’s game consoles are entering their final lifecycle, it is not necessarily clear which one to favour. Next-generation or retro consoles…  post thumbnail image

Although today’s game consoles are entering their final lifecycle, it is not necessarily clear which one to favour. Next-generation or retro consoles…

We can’t say it enough, the choice of a video game console must be made primarily according to its game catalogue. But the question of the equipment needed to enjoy it and the budget to devote to it are of course part of the equation. Without forgetting to take into account the audience that will have the controllers in their hands, since the expectations of children or occasional gamers are not the same as those of experienced gamers.

Among the multitude of consoles on the market, the choice is often difficult: many brands, many models.

So how to choose your console

The year of the console

The first criterion of choice is the year of development, the more recent the console will be and the better its performance will be. So, instinctively, you will be tempted to compare the PS4 and the Xbox One. Unless you have a crush on the originality of the Wii U!

However, over the past few years we’ve seen a return to the roots with retro gaming… Indeed, vintage consoles like the refurbished Super Nintendo are back in use. However, it is generally a complementary, nostalgic choice. Offering this type of console to a teenager under the tree won’t necessarily be a great success.

The type of games

You won’t choose the same console if you like platform games, multiplayer challenges, adventure or combat games.

The number of games

You must, of course, be interested in the amount of games available on the console.

The more compatible games there are, the more immersion and fun you’ll have with the console.

In addition, you’ll get more out of it by playing it often and thus varying the pleasures.

Exclusive games

Before choosing your console, in the comparison, game exclusives must weigh heavily.

Indeed, brands always sign exclusive cooperations, so some games are only published on a particular console.

The brand of the console

In general, players choose the brand according to the type of games offered, and exclusivities. You will not find the same games on all consoles.

Then, you have to think about “how to play”. If you’re a loner and like adventure, then choose consoles like Sony or Microsoft. But if you want to play and laugh as a family, then Nintendo is the way to go.


The graphics of the console are a point not to be neglected according to your desires and preferences. The more realistic the graphics are, the more intense the immersion in the game will be, and we’re amazed by the realism of Sony and Microsoft games.

But if you prefer the graphics of our older consoles, you’ll find some by choosing old games made compatible with our newer consoles, such as Tetris for example.

Without falling into either of these extremes, you can opt for Nintendo. If the graphics aren’t at the level of the PS4 or Xbox One, the games are more fun and entertaining in the family sense.

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