Computers, video games, fitness ... the star products of containment

Online sales sites have seen certain categories of products explode since the French are forced to stay at home because of the coronavirus.

Once the kitchen cupboards were packed, the French confined to their homes decided to rush to other products, obviously with two objectives: work or study at a distance and have fun.

At the head of online shopping, IT equipment: computers, tablets and printers."Customers have prepared for teleworking and home schooling, remarks Olivier Garcia, product manager at Fnac Darty.It is sometimes necessary to have several computers.” If the entire site has seen its sales increase by 350% in recent days, the multimedia category alone is exploding, with volumes multiplied by 4 compared to March 2019.Same rush for computers at Cdiscount." The IT category has doubled compared to usual averages and printer sales have multiplied by 7 ”, notes the Bordeaux e-commerce platform.

Guillaume, father of three children aged 12, 14 and 16, himself ordered a laptop computer on Monday evening."The children broke the family computer by dropping it, testifies this Parisian, currently teleworking.I needed one right away because we only have the iPad and our mobile phones to work with.But I won't be delivered before Thursday, which is an unusual delay for Amazon Prime."

Is Increased Demand For Computing Driving Prices Up? "In customer comments, I understood that this HP model at 499 euros had been a little cheaper in the past," says Guillaume.But overall, the increases still seem contained."The price variations are for the moment very light: between -3% and + 3% ”, analyzes Romain Gavache, the boss of the online product comparator leDé

Posted Date: 2020-09-21

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